Amazon FBA Pricing Alternatives - Amazon FBA Pricing Vs Amazon Store Pricing

posted on 2020/Apr/23

The Jungle Scout, our back-to-school issue, has been met with a lot of excitement and questions. Some say the Amazon FBA Pricing may be a better alternative to our core product. So we thought we'd take a few minutes to weigh in and give our own take on this topic.

First, we have to admit that we were looking at the pricing for almost a year before we decided to open an Amazon Store. This meant that we went back and forth between doing a trial run or building a full inventory. Since we did build a full inventory we are all familiar with the fact that if we didn't purchase enough inventory then we would have had to close the store down.

We ran the numbers over a long period of time and decided that our Amazon FBA Pricing was far more attractive than the Amazon Store Pricing. Amazon's pricing is based on the Amazon category in which you select, which of course is not the same as the product that you sell. In addition, Amazon FBA Pricing does not include Shipping and Handling fees, which are a huge component to the overall cost of your product.

It is true that the Amazon FBA Pricing did allow us to offer our top selling products cheaper than their Amazon Store Pricing. But these products are not that popular. And if you only sell one of them in a category and that one becomes popular it will not be such a bad hit to your overall bottom line.

We also found that if you focus on one category you won't be able to use the knowledge of that category to grow your business because of the extra cost of the extra categories. So we stopped listing those.

It is fair to say that for many of our readers, Amazon FBA Pricing will be the more suitable alternative to the Jungle Scout. The Jungle Scout, for example, is a free alternative to the core product. It is not free but it is free.

We realize that for some of our readers the value of having to get the big book will be a secondary benefit and that the main product is really the advantage here. However, as we continue to carry out our research we are finding that for many of our customers, as we move forward with a product strategy, they are saying that the Amazon FBA Pricing model is a good alternative to what they were initially offered.

As we look at the FBA pricing we are also seeing that while there is some variation in price, there is no reason that there can't be a middle ground where we offer something that is reasonable, and something that our customers want to buy. To see a Jungle Scout alternative, we recommend checking out the new e-Book, "Give Me That URL," by Timo Ahopelto, which offers a quick guide to Amazon Seller Central.

Even though we believe that the Amazon FBA Pricing is a good, simple and free alternative to the Jungle Scout, we do believe that Amazon is not always the right place to go to for inspiration, especially in certain niches. And even though we think that Amazon is not the right place to go, we do have one more Amazon alternative that you might want to consider. We've talked about it before, but we'll mention it again because we're asked about it every day.

There is now a new book available from Rob Edwards, the founder of Inkstuds that offers a great free alternative to the 'How to Become a Multi-Category Marketer.' In fact, it may be the best Amazon alternative out there today.

This book offers over 15 lessons that will help anyone understand how to create a successful marketing campaign and make any form of online advertising work for you. The lessons come from years of professional experience, including creating a viral video and building a campaign that made more than 100 million dollars in just two days.

But in closing, it's important to remember that in any campaign you can do better than the last time, and in fact you may already have done this a hundred times, and it's just that you didn't get the results you wanted. that's standing in your way now.

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